Cass Lake, MN – June 3, 2024 – The Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe (LLBO) is excited to announce the expansion of the goMARTI electric vehicle microtransit service to the east side of the reservation. This project, led by PLUM Catalyst and supported by LLBO Tribal Development, aims to improve transportation, reduce environmental impact, and connect community members more effectively.

Enhancing Transportation and Sustainability

The expansion of the goMARTI electric vehicle microtransit service is a significant step forward in providing sustainable and reliable transportation. By extending the service area, more Band members will benefit from this eco-friendly transit solution. Importantly, goMARTI is designed to complement existing transportation, not replace it, ensuring a more efficient system for everyone. This expansion will increase access to jobs, healthcare, and other essential services, empowering our community with better mobility and opportunities.

Community Development and Engagement

Bryan McCoy, Senior Planner at LLBO Tribal Development, who helped design the goMARTI project, said, “Expanding the goMARTI service aligns with our goals of advancing community development and sustainability. We’re thrilled to bring this enhanced mobility option to the east side of the reservation, making it easier for our members to access essential services and opportunities. This service will work alongside our existing transportation options to provide a more comprehensive and flexible transit network.”

Public Engagement Sessions

To keep the community informed and engaged, we will host several public engagement sessions. These sessions will provide detailed information about the new service areas, gather feedback, and address any questions or concerns from community members. Dates and locations for these sessions can be found at

Your Participation Matters

We strongly encourage all LLBO Band members to participate in these sessions to learn more about the benefits of the goMARTI service expansion. Your input is invaluable as we work to enhance our services and meet the needs of our community.

For more information about the goMARTI service expansion and upcoming public engagement sessions, please contact Bryan McCoy at or The PLUM Catalyst at

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